Introducing Greg !

The paint is dry, the CSS assembled, the PHP under control. Welcome to my new website.
This site is the replacement old blog once known as (German for “skull man”). The old site was fun, and developed a readership, but changes in my life and work, as well as my interests, prompted me to make the move to a “real” website.
If you’re looking for Yet Another Political Blog, look elsewhere. My focus is not to prop up one side or another, or parrot the party line from the liberals , the conservatives, or the mushy middle.
Instead, in my role as a longtime political professional and producer I’m going to spend my time debunking politicos, pundits and spin not with partisan rhetoric, but with an analytical scalpel (and occasionally a blowtorch and a pair of pliers).
I will also be casting a critical eye on politics behind “political reform”, a subject most political commentators won’t tackle. Free passes won’t be given to my friends on the left, right, Texas left, or sideways. And of course, what political blog is complete without cheers and jeers for the ongoing soap opera known as the Democratic Party, and special commentary on our esteemed Governor. I’ll be kicking off the site with commentary from the California Democratic Party Convention in Sacramento this weekend.
Most of all, I aim to entertain, as well as inform from a perspective that’s not usually found amongst our chattering classes. If you’re a member of the press and you want a point of view that’s interesting to your readers, I’m the guy you want to talk to. If you’re a voter, a citizen, or someone who needs someone to help them navigate the waters of current events, this is where you want to be.
Thanks, and enjoy the site!
Also, be sure to check out my website on San Francisco urban life and the city’s Muni system at The N Judah Chronicles!

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