CDP Update 1 – The Scariest Star Trek/Wars/Gate Convention Ever?

Thanks to AMTRAK’s trusty Capitol Corridor service I made it up to Sacramento, for only $14! What a bargain. I even ran into the esteemed Marc Cooper of The Nation in the hotel lobby (he noticed my Gonzo T-shirt and we chatted briefly). I did a survey of the convention floor before posting my first update.
All I can say is, of the many Democratic conventions I’ve attended in Sacramento, this is easily one of the most bizarre, and Comic-Con-like experience I’ve ever had. There are mobs of Westly and Angelides supporters all eager to proclaim their candidate’s virtues and give you pieces of paper saying so. There are even more for the legions of term-limited officials who are jumping all over the ballot as well, and they are very very eager to tell you about their candidate.
Which is fine, but it can get a little scary sometimes. The elbowing, jostling, and jockeying between the candidates for governor are taking on Kafka-esque qualities, and they’re a bit much, even for me who usually finds these things kinda fun when I don’t have to work at them. Don’t get me wrong – they are both nice guys and their folks are nice folks. It’s just hard to describe the energy at this convention as anything but strange.
Mayor Gavin Newsom is a featured speaker tonight – I saw him earlier hanging around with various politicos and delegates over by the press office. I guess since he’s not one of the people playing musical political chairs, he’s a bit more relaxed and approachable. I’ll have more after tonight’s revelries…

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