A Guide to the Doofinator’s Special Election Bonanza

This is one of the easiest elections to analyze and make recommendations, for you, the reader, and all the people who call me on the phone asking me what I think about the election. Ready?
Vote NO.
That’s right – whatever it is that’s on that ballot, be it a state proposition or Yet Another Bond Issue, just vote NO. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it will send a message to the cabal of get-rich-quck consultants, the Doofinator, and The Man that it’s time to get to work to solve problems with real solutions, not this half-assed, phony baloney bullhonky they call “reform.”
Nothing on the ballot was so critical it had to pass in 2005. If we are going to spend almost a hundred million dollars for an election no one asked for, we should at least be voting on something big, something bold, something that’s based on something more than phony baloney consultant-driven initiatives desigend to get a few Republican political consultants and a few Democratic political consutlatns rich quick – while we the people have to live with the results.
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