So What Were You Doing A Year Ago Today?

What were you doing on November 2nd, 2004?
Funny how a year changes things, eh?
A year ago Kerry and his team found a new way to blow an election, Bush and company were flying high, and there was all sorts of big talk.
A year later and House and Senate GOP leaders are under investigation, there’s an indictment of a sitting VP’s chief of staff, and poll numbers for the high flyers aren’t so great.
So what will you and I be doing a year from now?
I have no idea. But tonight I’m going to rejoice in the fact I’m not a VP’s chief of staff, nor am I responsible for explaining those bad poll numbers to the CiC.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make life great.
PS: Something else to think about: Was it scary seeing Bush get re-elected, appoint dorks to FEMA, and screw up this year, or would it be scary if Kerry got elected, and was in charge of appointing people and trying to talk the hurricane to death?
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