Yet More Investigations Into The “Qualifications” of SF Emergency Services “Director” Annemarie Conroy- UPDATE!

You know it’s getting bad for political appointee Annemarie Conroy when even the local TV news, not known for really going after news stories, starts an investigation into the qualifications of Ms. Conroy for one of the most critical jobs in a city that is certain to have a disaster.
KGO News, bucking the trend of faux journalism at the local level, took a hard look. And what they found wasn’t too great. The second half was broadcast last night, and frankly NO ONE looks good in all of this.
Not only is Ms. Conroy’s entire qualification that she’s a politico related to an ex-mayor (who gave her a first job in politics, only to be tossed out by voters a couple o’ years later!), and that now taxpayers are paying $40,000 a year to send her to Monterey to get a master’s degree.
Yeah. $40,000 so she can learn something about her job. If the Big One hits, or terrorists attack, she’ll be far, far away from San Francisco. Lucky her. Given how many classes one needs to take to get an M.S., one would imagine we won’t be seeing her around her office much.
Don’t you wish you could get paid $160,000 for a job you’re not qualified for, then have taxpayers pay you to go to school AND pay your tuition, so you could sort of be qualified for the job you’re being paid $160,000 for? I sure do! Beats working, that’s for sure. And that whole “disaster” thing? Well we can just rely on the feds to take care of us! Wowee the crack they’re serving these days is simply crack-a-rific!
Mayor Newsom is still defending the appointment, which seems odd. If we have learned nothing else from Katrina. we should all learn that putting unqualified political hacks into critical, technical jobs leads to disaster. Surely the Mayor who has often stood on principle, could realize that in this case, giving Ms. Conroy the boot to a job where she can be political and not harm anyone, in favor of someone certified to do the job, might be a good idea.
My previous posting on this subject saw a big spike in google searches. Clearly I’m not the only person worried about the issue. And, judging from some of the IP addresses that hit this site from those google searches, some are in City Hall.
UPDATE: Yet another salvo has been fired in the direction of Political Hack Annemarie Conroy, with two supervisors asking for her resignation. Only two now support her – including Assembly Candidate Fiona Ma. You can see the latest KGO TV report here.
Fiona Ma may want to reconsider her public remarks. If this is the kind of person she feels is qualified to take over 160,000 a year in salary, a free government SUV, free tuition for a Master’s Degree (aka on the job training), and other goodies, for a job Ms. Conroy is NOT qualified for and regards the public with contempt when challenged, well then, I’d say voters in next year’s primary may want to ask Ms. Ma some more in depth questions about the kinds of people she feels should be in jobs that literally can hold the power of life or death over them.
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