A Posting That Has NOTHING To Do With the Issues of the Day! Session Lager Rocks!

Time for a post that has nothing to do with Hurricane Katrina, hippies, the impending Resource War with China, or assorted political crap. It’s time for a recommendation for all you barbecuin’ and happenin’ folks this Labor Day Weekend!
Having some friends over? Is the weather a bit warm? Want a beer that tastes good but isn’t one of those over-hopped hipster-doofus “Microbrews” but don’t want to get the runs thanks to Budweiser, Miller or Coors? And are you sick of the Pabst Blue Ribbon “revolution” that saw a twelver go from $3.99 to some ungodly 7 or 8 bucks a 12-pack?
I have a solution for you. Buy a beer that will make hipster doofuses AND drinkers of the macrobrews happy. Drink the only beer I’ve found that is like Schlitz (my favorite), upgraded….It’s Session Lager from the folks at Oregon’s Full Sail Brewing Company. It tastes great on a hot day, it’s not too heavy, if you aren’t a beer fan you can douse it with a bit of salt and lime and it beats the Hell out of Corona.
Although I appreciate a good German beer, the fact is I really do not like most micros, having lived in Seattle for 7 years, and been deluged with all those hipster micro beers. Great, kids, but paying $5 a pint at the bar is no revolution for those of us who don’t wanna spend the paycheck on the beer. Give me a good old fashioned, hopped up Schiltz any day.
Session Lager, though, bridges the gap. It comes in the same “stubby” bottles Olympia used to come in (as did Lucky Lager, Rainier, et al) and it tastes great – but it’s not so heavy or thick you feel like you’re drinking cough syrup. Even the ladies will like it at your barbecue.
I haven’t been compensated for this recommendation, aside from a tshirt I got when I emailed the company saying I liked it. But if you see this at BevMo or elsewhere, pick it up and upgrade the party a bit from the Usual Crap that makes everyone have a hangover and the runs the next day.
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