When We Want Your Opinion, We’ll Tell You What To Say OR the GOP Wimp Factor

Isn’t it funny how Republicans talk tough, but when it comes right down to it, they are the biggest wimps and scaredy-cats in politics today?
Here you have a President, for example, who apparently won a national election, and has one-party control over the House and Senate to rubber-stamp anything he wants to do. Yet, apparently, every time he’s had a so-called “town meeting” on Social Security, a lot of time and tax money is spent keeping the crowds 100% friendly to the president.
Got a question or concern about Social Security? Great. Just don’t be expected to ask any questions or make any suggestions to the President’s tax-funded “discussion.”
You’ll be kicked out by a member of The Party, or a member of the internal security forces for that. Yes, we may be promoting democracy in Iraq, but we just can’t have anyone daring question The President or The Party on issues – that would be “messy.”
Either the President is so under-confident about his proposals and so scared of a few little questions that dare challenge his views, he feels the need to put up the walls, or his handlers feel he’s so out of whack they have to “protect” him. I don’t know which one is worse.
Come on, George? One hippie with a question about your plans is enough to bring down the US Government? Please.
Likewise, self-styled “tough guy” (he may not be one but he played on on TV) Governor Doofinator is tooling around the state with the gimmicky rallies, and so called “Kitchen Cabinet” meetings to “listen to the people of Cal-ee-fornia.”
Except, of course, that the people in these “meetings” are hand-picked by local Chambers of Commerce, and are 100% pro-Arnold in their questions. The press is never allowed to talk to the Great Doofinator, and no one with any dissenting views is allowed to ask the Governor questions, and make him defend his proposals without a script.
Funny, I thought Gov. Doofinator said he was going to be a “people’s governor” and listen to us, not special interest cash. Instead, he’s spending most of his time raising millions of dollars from wealth special interests, and won’t talk to anyone that doesn’t already agree with him in advance.
The only way anyone can even try and talk back to the governor is in the form of a street protest. Funny thing, that. We dumped Davis because he was a “coin-op” Governor who didn’t listen to you unless you had a few dollars. Now we have a Governor who won’t listen to you unless you have bundles of cash, and won’t listen to you unless you tell him what he wants to hear, and agree with him 100%. Nice!
Now, unlike some bloggers around town (whose names we’ll not mention) who seem to think that sitting in front of a computer and being rude and snarky to other bloggers somehow accomplishes something, I plan on doing something a little more relevant, and put my
Today, April 5th, a coalition of good folks who don’t like being stepped on anymore by Doofinator’s Special Interest Mob, are going to be holding a rally in downtown San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton this afternoon, starting at 4:30. I’ve decided to lend a hand to the organizers of the event.
It is unfortunate that the Governor feels it’s better to spend more time out of the Capitol, raising money from out-of-state special interests, instead of using his alleged independence to tell the apparatchniks on both parties to stick it and deal directly with everyone, fair and square. Since he has chosen that route, however, others are now responding with something he may understand – a loud, and organized crowd of folks who have this crazy notion that pensions for our cops and firefighters are worth defending.
I will report on the proceedings from my side of the lines later on as time allows. Until then, if you want to talk to your President or Governor, bring your checkbook and be sure to leave any disagreements at the door, or you won’t be let in!
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