Guest Blog from Favel Stoda- Down But Not For Long In Santa Fe

As promised, we have one last posting from our guest blogger Favel Stoda, who was kind enough to post to my site from a “swing state” with her observations on the scene. When I write up the book of Campaign 2004, Favel is one of my “rock stars” I talk about…”
Well, it looks like it’s over except maybe in Iowa or New Mexico.  We won’t know for two more days about the 28,000 Provisional ballots but the optimist in me thinks that the dems will prevail and I’ll begin to feel a little better.
I don’t know if it will make many of you feel any better but I wanted to share some of what I saw the last few days of the election as a ground troop.  In the final days of the elections, thousands and thousands of people flew themselves to various parts of the country (aka swing states) to help get out the vote.  A few hundred came to the Northern New Mexico area and I think I met most of them.  Thousands of New Mexico residents were already volunteering and even more joined them- there were people of all ages, races, and religions all working on a common cause-getting rid of
On my third day there, I was given the charge of  feeding the volunteers in the Santa Fe area for the final GOTV days and election day. My committee was comprised of seven local women of various ages, one guy in his 30’s, two women in their twenties from Austin, TX and a male doctor from San Diego.  We had quite an exciting challenge on how to feed them all but somehow we did it and I must say it was rather biblical (you know the story about Jesus and some bread and fish).   Santa Fe residents and businesses donated money and food to help us out and if any of you get the chance-try
some Chicken Posale (it’s wonderful on a cold day). Late on Sunday afternoon, 24 pizzas arrived just as a hundred volunteers returned from canvassing.
It was very exciting and as I talked with local residents many were also caught up in the fever of early voting and campaigning at many different levels ( I had predicted that 50 % of Northern New Mexico would vote and I was pretty damn close.). Until midnight on Tuesday, I really felt like we
were going to win-especially after I heard our returns in Nambe (look it up sometime).  It was wonderfully exhilerating to be a part of the effort to get the most people ever to the polls and vote but on November 3rd I really felt like what was the point.  What I find most disheartening, is that it was hate and anger that drove so many of us to the poll…but I must be honest with all of you because it was anger at Bush that made me get involved, too.
In my last (and only) posting, I put out a challenge to everyone to stay involved after the election and I’ll share with you how I’m going to stay involved.  There needs to be some serious election reform and I’m going to start on the lowest level.  I heard and saw many stupid errors at the polls. Election volunteers not crossing off names as people came to vote, my mom was in charge of her precinct and the first few pages of her voter rolls weren’t included and so anyone with a last name beginning with an A or B had to get a provisional ballot, precincts ran out of provisional ballots, people were sent to wrong polling stations and the list goes on and on….
Also, why the heck do we still have an electoral college?  When the U.S. goes to war with other countries to bring them democracy we don’t force them to have an electoral college…..I think it’s time we reconsider it and really let each of us have one true vote.  Maybe I’ll get involved with that project.
I’m also going to continue sending care packages to our troops and if you pray, please say a prayer for them and their families.  On Sunday, I’ll rejoin my Veterans for Peace” friends at the Santa Monica pier and if you
live in the area stop by and say hi or better yet help us put up a few crosses or rake the sand.
I’m going to try and do my best for a better tomorrow and I hope you do,
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