The Last Weeks of Political Fun In Los Angeles….

For me, one of the most fun parts of Campaign 2004 has been the explosion of social events revolving around the election. In years past political events were boring affairs, populated by the Usual Suspects, and tailored more towards the people already involved, instead of towards getting new people on board.
Here in Los Angeles, we’ve been treated to a number of groovy events for the cause. Most recently I attended an event hosted by Rock the Vote at the newly famous Esquire House in Hollywood which was entertaining. It was kind of funny to me that so many hipsters were coming to a “political” event. Wasn’t there a time when all of this was “uncool?”
I managed to run in to an old colleague of mine, Steve Barr, who ran RTV in 1992 and now runs Green Dot Public Schools, some of the most successful charter schools in the nation, as well as friends from all over LA. Although I’m not sure exactly what the event accomplished that night, it nice to check out the Esquire House and talk to some folks I hadn’t seen in ages.
Several events are coming up this week that you should check out if you’re in town during the last days of the campaign season. Yet another independent group has been formed to have a say this election – POP PAC, focused exclusively on the “swing state” of Ohio is having a party on Saturday, October 23, from 4-7 p.m.
Featured entertainment at the event will be the Goo Goo Dolls and the comedy/theater group Culture Clash. This should be a really fun event, but word is that space is limited. You can follow this link to buy a ticket – a bargain at a mere $100 – and be sure to tell them that sent you.
If “swing state” politics aren’t your gig, and you’re worried about the future of Medical Marijuana laws in California and around the country, the Medical Marijuana Project is co hosting a joint beneft comedy show on October 24th at the Comedy Store for the MMP, as well as several local service organizations, including Let’s Rap Brothers in Inglewood, and Sister Somayah’s Crescent Alliance Self Help for Sickle Cell.
Many popular comedians are due to appear at this event including Joe Rogan of “Fear Factor” (gotta love those reality shows!), Ngaio Bealum (I used to see this guy perform in SF and he’s hilarious!), Bil Dwyer of “Battlebots” fame, and Charlie Viracola (and most likely more). Best of all the show only costs $20 (although if you feeling like paying more I’m sure they won’t mind). Figure if you went to the Comedy Store anyway, you’d spend at least $20, you can go and support a groovy cause. You can contact Green Therapy for more information.
These are just a few events here in LA – but I’m going to be updating this as more people come out of the woodwork with fun events to attend in these last days of the campaign. Also coming up will be guest blogging live from the frontlines in “swing state” New Mexico in the last week of the campaign. For those of us who are stuck in a solidly Kerry or Bush state, it’ll be a chance to hear a live, firsthand account of what’s really going on in the Southwest!
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