Now More Than Ever: Support the “Honesty Fund”!

Reading the paper this morning was mixed at best. Matt Gonzalez came up short in San Francisco (thus ensuring the continued downward spiral now under the leadership of Mayor “Marina Guy,” but that’s another column), and there was all that stuff about the weather. Then I read the LA Times.
In yet another one of my Predictions That Were Sadly Correct, Governor Schwarzenegger is going back on his word, not just on little details, but ENTIRE policies he promised when he was running just a month and a half ago. Both the LA Times and the infamous San Francisco Chronicle both covered the Governor’s latest backtracking/lying/whatever you want to call it.
This is getting serious, fast. Either Arnold Schwarzenegger was lying on purpose when he ran his campaign for Governor, or he was clearly too ill-informed when he ran and is only now realizing just how hard it is to BE Governor and DO something insted of just TALKING about it and reading the lines handed to you by James Cameron.
I’m inclined to believe it’s a little of both, with a heavy emphasis on the former. Remember, folks, this is ex-Governor Pete Wilson’s pack of rats that are running the show, and Wilson took screwing up the state to new levels when he ran it into the ground in the 1990s. I mean, things were so screwed up electing Gray Davis was an improvement. Now you see what I mean?
But back to our current Governor. It’s time to hold this guy accountable for his actions. Not just for that angry campaign rhetoric that got him sued for libel recently and not just for going back on his “Big Promise” to hire an investigator, OJ-style, to find out “the truth” about his gropin’ and gyratin’ either.
No, it’s time to hold this bozo accountable for all the promises he made, and got elected on and now expects us to sit there and let him tell us with a straight face (acting school helps, eh Arnold?) that he’s going back on his promises.
More obnoxious is the now non-stop campaign fundraising, the same kind he raked Davis over the coals for months on end, that Governor Schwarzenegger is now doing. It’s almost as obnoxious as his evasion of any responsibility for the state by blaming the legislature for anything he’s done wrong. I half-expect him to blame the Legislature for the melted ice cream at
his restaurant/office in Santa Monica.
It’s time to take the circus tent down. It’s time to start up the Honesty Fund. If you agree with me that this is a good idea, send a note to Art Torres, and the Democratic Establishment in Sacramento that you’d like to see them join this fight and live up to the rhetoric the Democratic Party claims to support.
For a very well thought out critique that accurately portrays What’s Wrong with the Democratic Party, check out this piece on AlterNet..refreshing for its honesty and lack of leftist jingoism.
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