Quick Hit- What about an “Honesty Fund” for Gov. Schwarzenegger?

Most people don’t realize that it was just ten days after Davis’ election last year that the right wing “do it our way or the highway” crowd got together to start putting together the recall campaign against Gov. Davis.
Ten DAYS afer the election. Well at least they didn’t waste any time.
It is now time to consider something similar, but not nearly as nasty, for our new Governor. What I propose is creating a campaign fund for a potential recall, but not use it immediately as the other side did.
Instead, someone with an axe to grind (i.e. me) could go organize a campaign committee and call it the “Keep Gov. Schwarzenegger Honest Fund.” The committee would use its resources to tally up Governor Schwarzenegger’s promises and campaign rhetoric and compare them with his actions as governor.
Once a certain threshold would be met of broken promises and bait-and-switch rhetoric, the campaign committee would have the $1.5 million needed to put the recall of Governor (aka Saint) Schwarzenegger, along with the needed TV and Radio and Mail campaign to point out his many inconsistencies. Even better, it would not have to rely on a crooked Congressman/car alarm salesman for its funds.
The key here though is that if Governor Schwarzenegger and his crew DID keep their promises, the money would go to some worthy cause, such as scholarships for straight-A kids who want to go into public service in governemnt, academia, the media, and other places.
A Special Note to Democratic Party Activists, Leaders, and Professionals: Life is really tough for you right now, and I feel your pain. I worked on campaigns back in the mid-80s – a thankless job at best back then!
Let’s see where we are: You’ve lost a Democratic Governor in California just before 2004, the presidential candidates are still a pack of nine, and you’re putting up money and support to get a Republican with a “D” next to his name elected Mayor of San Francisco.
This is your chance to do things a little differently – and be heroes in the process. Don’t wait until the Governor has taken a wrecking ball to what’s left of the state. Surely there are some well-heeled donors who’d be willing to put up the money as an insurance policy?
I’ll even add in an extra – I will run this committee for cost, as a public service to the state’s taxpayers and voters, so no one will be making big profits off the comittee like some did on the other side.
I’l work with those interested to appoint a board of directors that would include leading party operatives, leaders, and activists from around the state.
If you’re interested in helping this effort, drop an email to joingreg@schadelmann.com and let me know how you’d like to help!
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