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Epic FAIL: Nader’s Running (again) But Local Greens Are With…Barack Obama!

So it looks like Ralph Nader’s running for President again, and we’re supposed to be worried or something, but I’m not.
True, I’m no fan of this charlatan. On my old blog, I wrote about his extreme dishonesty, and overall lack of ethics, and for a while got a bump on Google Searches. This time around, however, I think it’s pretty obvious his time has passed, and he’s so out of touch, his reasons for running just don’t add up.
My favorite line today was the one about “people being disenchanted with Democrats and Republicans.” Eeeyeahh. Funny thing though: Barack Obama is about to hit the one million donor mark (something Nader’s greedy hands would love to have but won’t because he sucks), and turnout in Democratic primaries have set new records, and blown doors off the turnout in the GOP primaries.
But the most telling sign of the total epic FAIL of Nader has been the response of local Green Party elected members to Nader the Liar. Green Party Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, Green Party College Board Member John Rizzo, and Green Party School Board Member Jane Kim have all come out in force for Barack Obama. Non-Greeen “Progressives” like Supervisors Daly and Peskin also support Obama. Hell, the Bay Guardian, usually the only refuge for disaster candidacies like Kucinich or Nader, endorsed Obama.
It says a lot when the folks who should be on board a supposedly great cause like Nader’s bullsh*t are instead working for a candidate who’s succeeding in ways Nader could never imagine. (Then again it shouldn’t be a total surprise – Nader refused to campaign for Green poster-boy Matt Gonzalez in 2003, because, well, because Nader sucks.)
So let the fool run his little show. Every time he does this, he seems to invent new ways to screw up and fail, and every time he becomes less and less relevant to the national discourse. I can’t wait for him to throw a tantrum about some f*cking debate, and get arrested for trespassing. If good people like those in Our Fair City have decided to tear up their tickets and say “no” to the Nader circus, I think most folks in America will be doing the same.
Trivia Time: Here’s a piece of trivia that most of you might not be aware of (as you’re probably concerned with things that matter, and I mean that in a good way): when Nader’s spokesman ran for Senate, he got very little support for his bid, marred by problems and the fact that as Nader’s spokesman he elevated lying to an art form. He did however get loud and enthusiastic support from someone new to our city: Cindy Sheehan! Apparently she didn’t mind the lying and whatnot and threw her lot with Zeese. Very interesting!

Why John McCain Should Scare The Crap Out of Democrats….

The funny thing about living in San Francisco is that to the outside world, folks seem to assume this is some sort of Greenie Communist Disneyland, with abortions on demand at every corner, parades in honor of Lenin and Ho Chi Minh, and so on.
Even here in town, you have people that parachute in here, thinking that we’re the capital of the left, and some of even carpetbag themselves into a Congressional run, thinking that they’re in Liberal Lefty Nirvana.
Bzzt! Wrong again!
I say this because as we close in on a Mega Super Happy Fightingest Primary Ever, and Democratic voters try to decide Which Candidate to Vote For, something has been coming up, time and again in conversations I have with Real San Franciscans: a lot of people here will vote for McCain, mostly if Sen. Clinton is the nominee.
It’s really weird. These are not discussions with political folk per se, these are chats with good people of various ages, ethnic backgrounds and whatnot who really live here, and it keeps coming down to something folks really want – after 8 years of the GW Wrecking Crew and 6 years of a GOP congress, this country not only needs a political colonic to flush out the toxins of the past, but also move forward and push aside the professional screamers and assorted idiots that poison politics and get sh*t done.
And for some reason, folks seem to think that Sen. Obama might be the kind of guy who can do such a thing, but they don’t see Hillary (or is it Bill and Hillary) and the politics of the 90s being the way to go, and as such would bolt to McCain in a second.
Read that again. San Franciscans, who are alleged to be godless hippie Communists, will vote for John McCain, pro-life record or not.
Kinda freaky when you re-read it, huh?
And now the punchline – I’m not so sure I won’t be one of them. I know full well the many many problems with McCain’s past, many of his stands on issues are diamertically opposed to my own, and God, the thought of actually voting for a presidential candidate that is in the same party as President 28% and Vice President Vader still gives me the shakes.
At the same time, however, Sen. McCain has been one of the few Washington politicians who has stood up for a rational immigration policy (something of interest to my neighbors out here in the Sunset as well as folks on the east side of town).
And, unlike the Clintons in the 90s, McCain does not see Indian tribes as cash machines for political soft money donations, but instead has tried to force the inherently stupid Department of the Interior to settle the trust lawsuit that was filed to force the feds to admit they stole from millions of people for over 100 years. And up against a more Democratic Congress, a President McCain would be more likely to work with a Speaker Pelosi or a Majority Leader Reid, vs. say a President Guy Smiley (Romney).
Heresy, I know. But people are more concerned about just what kind of country we’ll have, and want to see action, not more shenanigans. President Clinton II or President Romney is more of the same old bullsh*t.
At least with Sen. Obama we might have someone who could try and bring people together, and work with folks (and hopefully a Congress populated with more REAL Democrats to back up Our Speaker ).
But a lot of people are starting to think that if it’s a McCain/Hillary contest, things could go bad, and if even us hippies in San Francisco are thinking about McCain as a legitimate choice, it’s time to take a Clue Pill and try to not invent a new way to f*ck up what should be our chance to set things right.
UPDATE: Yet another reason Democrats should fear McCain. The famous button of the early 90’s “Oh God PLEASE Not Another Republican” seems appropo.
(I won’t deny that it doesn’t hurt that Sen. McCain and Sen. Kennedy honored my cousin Helen, who passed away in 2006, honoring her tireless honesty, fairness, and trailblazing career as a woman journalist in DC. That said, it’s not the ultimate reason, but in the interests of full disclosure bla bla bla, I thought I’d mention it.)

Obama Speaks At The Women’s Building in SF – Quick Quick Quick Hit

Since I don’t have my trusty Mac with me, and am using the infamous San Francisco Public Library’s free computers, I can only do a quick post, sans photos. It was an interesting press event, with Sen. Obama talking to women about the challenges of making a living in the Bay Area, and some proposals he’s come out with to try and mitigate the cost of living for people who work.
This was probably the only time I’ve ever heard a politician call BS on “tax breaks” as a primary means of providing relief to those who work, since many times they can’t use the deductions on their taxes due to their income, while high income people can take the break. Sen. Obama suggested a break on payroll taxes for those who work (but don’t make a zillion dollars) as a start. Not bad.
It was kind of interesting to see the media swarm (pics to be posted) which packed the crowded room at the Women’s Building in the Mission. It was crowded, hot and yet there we all were, waiting for the Senator and taking pictures and notes at a furious pace. With only 19 days until the Mega Super Duper Big Primary to End All Primaries in A Whopping 20 states, it’s difficult for any campaign, big or small, to reach all voters in all places, so it was kinda nice to see at Presidential candidate speaking in San Francisco, in the Mission, no less.
Luke Thomas took some excellent photos (as always because he’s so talented) and they’re so much better than mine, you should just go to his site and check ’em out.
More later…the clock is ticking on my time here at the SFPL, and I have to update my other blog, as we have Yet Another Tragedy on the N-Judah line.
This, the day after we read that more MUNI money is being siphoned off to pay more salaries in the Mayor’s office, and a month after we heard that they gave the boss at MUNI a big pay raise. And all of this after we voted for a measure that was supposed to start MUNI reform – and immediately after the vote we get a string of accidents and deaths.
All I can say is…WTF?
PS: I had no idea that the “blogger lounge” at Macworld sponsored by Microsoft had free actual computers one could use (when I was here the other day I gave the lounge a quick scan and it looked like you had to bring a computer). Needless to say I wish I’d discovered this a few hours ago, and avoided the glares of the angry pervs who had to wait for their porn whilst I blogged about Sen. Obama…..

Obama’s Supporters Rally in San Francisco 1/9: A Quick Review

As luck would have it, I was in the Civic Center around the time they were having a rally for Sen. Obama’s supporters in Northern California, so I gave up my lunch break to go take some photos and videos. I think the close results in New Hampshire (that tiny state way out there) mean that we’ll at least have some semblance of a “real” campaign by Democratic candidates, instead of a boring coronation for any one “inevitable” candidate.

On hand were a lot of local politicos, including DA Kamala Harris (who co-chairs the Obama Campaign in California), Supervisors Peskin, Daly, Dufty, and Maxwell, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, School Board reps Jane Kim and Eric Mar, and well, a whole lotta people, too many to fit in one quickie post (but I’ll append it later when I have more time).

Former California Controller Steve Westly was the “MC” for the rally, and I’ve given him a hard time in the past for some of his policies and rather boring speaking style, but I have to say he did a great job and his speech was really good. You can view videos from the rally here on YouTube, and a few photos on Flickr.

Personally, I like Sen. Obama for the simple reason that he attracts a lot of enthusiastic people, and gets people involved in politics who may not have done so before. I really do not want to do a retread of the disastrous, establishment campaigns of the Kerry 2004 or Gore 2000 campaigns (Gore is awesome but his campaign in 2000 was a stinker), and I like the fact that so many local “progressives” have chosen Obama over some jackass the Greens or the Freak Show Party might have put up.

Most importantly, having him, Sen. Clinton, and Sen. Edwards battle it out and actually ask people for votes will make whoever wins the nomination a better candidate in the long run. Again, look back at how Kerry steamrolled the front-loaded primaries only to prove to be a joke candidate who managed to pull off a FAIL despite all of GW’s problems.
And, don’t forget to buy your Adama for President shirts at my store, in the hopes that Admiral Adama might still get in the race!

Politics 101 for Cindy Sheehan: AKA Why I and Most San Franciscans Will Re-Elect Speaker Pelosi in a LANDSLIDE…

So some folks on those fancified blogs we keep hearing about are all atwiter about the “news” that activist Cindy Sheehan is going to relocate from her “undisclosed location” and deign to run for Congress in San Francisco. While the kids at “Daily Kos” are having a lovely time blogging this to death, if I were working for Nancy Pelosi, I would not be too concerned.
Remember, Ms. Sheehan herself said that she was through with anti-war activism in a much-publicized move, for various “reasons.” Thus, when I read the news about her latest gig, I began to realize that Chris Nolan’s analysis of Cindy Sheehan’s morph into the Left’s Cause Celebre was, well spot-on. When she started on this path and was the lone voice against the President, there was some accessibility and some good her protesting could have been doing. When she morphed into a celebrity, that sought out the likes of President Hugo Chavez, and had a high-powered PR firm guiding her moves, well, let’s just say that her original point got lost in the cult of celebrity she sank into.
Whatever. All of this is irrelevant, anyway. Since Ms. Sheehan does not have much experience in San Francisco politics, she might want to take a look at the history of underfunded, unorganized, anti-establishment efforts in San Francisco, which usually end in tears.
She might also take special note at the fact that despite all the local gimmicks passed to “change” who runs and wins office, not a lot has changed, and we still tend to re-elect incumbents, no matter what they do, progressive or moderate, or whatever.
The outsiders that will descend on our town expecting to find Hippy Trippy Liberal Central will have a rude awakening when they see how much it costs to live here and how few jobs allow for copious hours of crazy crap during business hours.
If I have to choose between supporting an incumbent Speaker of the House, who has to lead a caucus of folks as diverse in views as they are in numbers, versus an outsider with a janey-one-note issue that will be moot in 2009, well, I’ll vote for the Speaker any day of the week.

Odd Obama Email

Thanks to an emerging, front-loaded presidential primary season, we’re going to get the ball rolling on Campaign 2008 a lot sooner than usual. That means people like me are going to soon be swamped by emails from every candidate, wannabe candidate, hangers-on desperately trying to stay relevant, and so on.

Today I got this odd little email from the Obama for President campaign. It’s odd because a) I don’t live anywhere close to Occidental College in Los Angeles, b) I don’t attend college there, and c) I’ve never given my email address or any money to the Obama campaign (or any campaign so far). Plus, I wasn’t aware college sign-making parties were something you alerted the media to.

Today, Obama is due to appear in San Francisco, the guest of Wade Randlett and his well-funded friends in Silicon Valley. These are the folks with the persistent grammar errors, and who were spelling Obama’s first name “Barak” for a while. (Perhaps it is time Mr. Wade invested in a proofreader for all those fiery emails!)
This is only the beginning. Once things get in high-gear, you can expect I’ll be posting more curious emails from campaign 2008! If you get any, feel free to send them in!

Why Panic Isn’t a Strategy OR Joe Lieberman IS His Own Worst Enemy

So it seems the esteemed Senator From Connecticut’s little announcement this week, basically saying he’s so worried now about a primary election he’s hedging bets and filing to run as so-called “independent has the whole world in a tizzy – if you read blogs, that is.
Those netroots guys are all atwitter on this one (especially since they appeared in one of his ads – how cute!). The Esteemed Senator from New York has weighed in on this race, declaring her support for “The Democrat” who wins the primary. Cooler heads have provided some provided some alternate commentary that doesn’t fit neatly into little boxes, as well.
No one, however, has commented on one thing that’s driving this, in fact, the reason why so many campaigns go off the rails – Lieberman’s decision is being driven by candidate-induced panic and reaction, nothing more. While it is unusual to have a candidate like Ned Lamont challenge an incumbent senator in the primary, in that he’s not a drooling lunatic or a drug-addled hippie running on the Three A’s Platform, I have yet to see a poll that shows him ahead.
Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Democratic primary voters have a choice between a US Senator, and a well-funded, thoughtful challenger with neat ads. There’s no law that says that anyone in office is owed re-election (unless of course you live in So Called Liberal San Francisco where we re-elect all the “I’s” no matter how much we claim we don’t like City Hall’s style..) and it’d be nice to think that after 3 terms, Lieberman was secure enough in his relationship with the voter citizens of his state to take a few punches.
But his move to suggest that if he loses he’ll file as an “independent” candidate show that the Esteemed Senator is neither a secure man, nor a particularly bright one when it comes to politics. To react to a challenger coming even somewhat close by not only saying “I’ll leave the party and continue to run anyway, even if my alleged base rejects me” not only smacks of arrogance – it also says flat out that he’ll run even if the people who used to vote for him reject him. That’s just plain stupid.
Moreover, he may have ensured he loses a primary that he could still win. If he offers the “Lieberman Voter” an out by signing a petition, he’s effectively removed any reason to go vote in August. After all, if (and I do mean if – how may petitions do ya think the Lieberman machine gathers these days?) they are getting signatures, a Lieberman voter doesn’t have to vote anymore in the Democratic Primary to support Their Guy.
In other words, if Senator Bushlite wanted to really stay in office. he’d ride it out in the Democratic primary he sang the praises of up until a few days ago, and force the issue. Most likely he’d win. But then again, maybe he might not. That’d take guts, it’d take a true maverick, and it’d mean ol’ Joe would have to roll a hard six to win.
Now, all those thinking Senator Jojo has the mojo to pull a stunt like this off and campaign without a safety net, say “aye”
The silence is deafening. But let’s thank him for keeping up that keeping up that New England Tradition of blowing elections.

Greg’s All-Star Guide to the June Primary!

Don’t forget to check out the Direct Mail Disinfo Rehab Archive before you vote!
If you are like many people in this state, you asked for a mail ballot this year. And, if you’re like most people in this state, you still haven’t returned it yet.
Don’t feel bad – just about everyone else is in the same boat you are. Return rates in key counties in California are abysmally low, owing to the fact that there are so many candidates, most of whom no one has heard of, running for so many offices. Every campaign I’ve worked on this cycle is seeing record rates of non return of ballots statewide.
So, beat those election blues, and print out a copy of my patented All-Star Guide to the California Primary. You can easily fill out your ballot, and you get a dose of snark just for laughs!
The Big Races
Note: If people are running unopposed, I’m not including them here since there’s nothing to choose!
U.S. Senate: Whatever you think of Dianne Feinstein (some folks love her, some folks hate her, some folks don’t know) know this: Dianne Feinstein is going to win the Democratic Primary in a landslide Vin Diesel would envy, and is going to be re-elected. Oh yeah, there’s some token resistance but you might as well cast at least one vote for a winning candidate.
Since the balloting is so easy for California, may I suggest you send a 20 or a 50 dollar bill to the campaign of Jon Tester for US Senate instead?. Jon is the kind of Democrat we need in Washington DC, who can win in a place like Montana. He’s a no-BS guy who represents the best the West has to offer – and he’s going to have a chance to knock out Sen. Conrad Burns, who is so deep in scandal it isn’t funny. Besides if he wins he can help DiFi be a committee chair, so it’s a twofer.
California Governor: It does not take a genius to figure out that I am not a fan of Governor Doofinator, and his constant lying, “reinventing” of himself, and the tomfoolery that was the Credit Card Bond. So, who then, can send this guy back to his magic ticket and his restaurant in Santa Monica?
I’m telling folks to vote for Phil Angelides. Yeah, I know, I know. But the usual math doesn’t apply here. Angelides has been consistently opposing Gov. Doofinator from Day One, he didn’t monkey around in the recall or support the Credit Card Bond, and he’s straight with voters on what he’ll do if elected. Republicans who chortle at the follies of the primary take note: Democrats chortled at your follies when they had Congress and the Presidency in 1994 – and look at what happened to them.
Lt. Governor:Tough one for me, as I met John Garamendi (albeit over the phone) while working for the Insurance Commissioner for the State of Washington. Nice guy. But I’ve always been a supporter of Sen. Jackie Speier throughout her career. What to do? Flip a coin? Waffle? I can’t vote for both!
I’m gonna vote for Speier, since I think she would do more with the office. Garamendi is a great guy, but I wish he’d run for something else so I wouldn’t have to make this kind of choice. Besides, she’s the hometown hero!
Secretary of State:This one is easy – Easy choice : State Sen. Deborah Bowen. Not only was she one of the few candidates to get an endorsement at the Democratic Convention, she is also the only candidate who actually worked on any of the issues a Secretary of State faces (i.e. voting machines, political reform, etc.) and she was my State Senator when I lived in Venice.
Attorney General: Another difficult choice. I’ve been supporting Jerry Brown for years. Back in Santa Cruz I organized a rally with him during his Presidential bid that got on CNN and CSPAN, and later when I worked at a tech company, ended up explaining our RealAudio technology to him when he had the radio show. It’s hard not to support him, but Rocky Delgadillo isn’t such a bad guy either. So vote for Jerry Brown but let’s hope we see Delgadillo run for something else someday.
State Controller: Don’t you just love that title? Sounds like one is running for Cylon Overlord for California or something. Here’s a chance for you to give someone a promotion who actually deserves it: vote for Sen. Joe Dunn. This guy really did stand up to Enron and their BS during the power crisis, and beyond, and he’ll bring that integrity to the Controller’s office. Unlike people like Sen. Sheila Kuehl, who voted for giving away the state to greedy speculators, Joe Dunn was the guy who remembered job 1 for him is serving the citizens. Go Joe!
State Senate, District 8: This is a tough one for me – Lou Papan was a real hero in supporting the special ed program at my old high school, where my mom works. But Mike Nevin’s wife also worked at my old high school and knew my mom too. Oh yeah, there’s current Assemblyman Leland Yee running a strong campaign too. So who do I vote for? Calgon, take me away!
In the end I voted for Lou Papan, but not as part of some plot to deny Nevin votes but more due to a coin toss between two guys from San Mateo County, and because he was such a good guy in the Assembly when it came to special education. But the battle seems to be between Yee and Nevin so if you want to vote for someone who’s more likely to win, then go ahead and vote for Mike Nevin.
State Assembly, District 12 – SF: Ok, like you had to ask. I’m telling everyone to vote for Janet Reilly. and regular readers know I’ve written about when she kicked off her campaign, when she campaigned with John Kerry, and about the only debate she had with Ms. Ma..
People ask me why and the answer is simple. There are people in the local and state Democratic Party who view the Party and those in it as part of an exclusive club, and that club likes things predictable, safe, and for the benefit of their club membership, since after all, they have the best interests of The People at heart. Anyone questioning that is cast out as a pariah.
Janet’s campaign has never been one on the “inside” and as such is a lot more welcoming to citizen input, and isn’t as beholden to the club mentality that really disdains volunteers, Internet activists, and anyone not Already In The Club. They really don’t like you, and don’t like the fact they have to ask you to vote for them because They’re Just That Good. Plus, when you see the nonsense being tossed at Janet, you figure she can’t be that bad. Vote for Janet and piss off the Man.
Proposition 81 – Library Bonds – vote NO: How can anyone be against library bonds? That means more money for libraries right? And I like libraries so I should support it, right? NO!
This is Yet Another Bond Issue that gets on the ballot because it “gives money” to good causes. But you see, it doesn’t “give money” – it sells debt that we have to pay billions in interest on later. That blows out the budget in future years. So many bonds are passed by voters that it is killing our state’s ability to make budget decisions. Vote no, and tell them to raise taxes or cut something first.
Proposition 82 – Preschool for All – Vote YES: This proposition isn’t perfect, nor is it a cure all. But it doesn’t use bonds, and it does take a step towards doing what we should be doing to at least not have as many screw ups in the public school system. Besides, Rob Reiner isn’t that bad of a guy.
San Francisco Propositions A, B, C, D: Sometimes there’s such a thing as too much democracy and voting, and the fact we’re even voting on some of this stuff, which should either be passed by the Board of Supervisor and voted up or down by the Mayor, or perhaps addressed elsewhere, is a sign. But since we do have them, here’s an easy way to vote:
If you like Mayor Gavin Newsom, and allied interests, and do not like the Board of Supervisors and their allied interests, go ahead and vote “no” on everything. Sure, there is that issue of violent homeless people being put in the old folks home at Laguna Honda, but so what? Gavin’s got a tough re-election in 2007, possibly, and the last thing he needs some ballot measures to give him guff.
If you do not like Mayor Gavin Newsom and allied interest, and like the Board of SUpervisors, and their allied interests, go ahead and vote “yes” on everything. Sure, that whole Ellis Act notification thing probably won’t stop a desperate home-buyer from running over Grandma to get that TIC, but so what? Gavin’s got a tough re-election in 2007, possibly, and perhaps these ballot measures (some of which were put on the ballot by Supervisor Daly) might be able to give him some guff.
Other Offices:
San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee: Ok, pop quiz: what is the one job people run for, spend money to get elected to, that most people have not even heard of much less know what they do?
That would be the Democratic Party Central Committee. Ya see, each county has a “Central Commitee” for each party. These are partisan positions within the parties themselves – they are not funded by the state or anything like that. These might seem like ceremonial posts, but how the people on this committee vote determine all sorts of party business at the local and state level. So in a way it matters, but not always in an immediately understandable way.
The problem is you have to vote for so many people out of a pack of like, a zillion, and (thank GOD) “Ranked Choice Voting” has no place in these races. I’m going to recommend the two people I actually have met and known: Boe Hayward in the 12th Assembly District and Tim Paulson in the 13th.
Both are good guys – I helped out Boe with his postcards this year, and Tim Paulson is the director of the San Francisco Labor Council and all around good guy. There’s two endorsements – figure out the rest of the slots on the ballot after casting your ballot for these guys.
That’s it! Enjoy the fireworks on June 6th!

50 Million Westly Dollars Can Be Wrong

Much is made when a personally wealthy candidate runs for office about how, by the miracle of “spending lots of money,” they can automatically win office. Steve Westly’s campaign not only benefits from this conventional “wisdom” – it’s an active part of the campaign’s message.
What pundits, politickers, and the like tend to forget is that part of winning a campaign is having the money to pay for what you need to win – but that the other part is how you spend your money. And in the case of Steve Westly, our multi-millionaire Richie Cunningham running for class president, it’s becoming clear that the how of his campaign is starting to kill whatever advantage, cash-wise, this guy had.
Last night I caught the latest spat of ads from Westly on TV, and they were laughable at best, pathetic at worst. We are less than three weeks away from a pretty significant primary election, and what is the Westly campaign blowing tons of cash on? Ads about whether Phil Angelides is running a “negative campaign.” (Don’t try looking here for them – I guess they don’t mind putting them on the air, but they sure didn’t put them on their own site.)
So,umm, let me get this straight. This is the big issue millions of Californians are concerned about in this year’s gubernatorial election? I guess that whole affordable housing/jobs/economy/environment/education/taxes thing isn’t the main issue at the kitchen table this season.
No, it’s whether “Mean Old Phil” is playing by some imaginary Marquess de Queensbury rules, and rather than move on and just tell people about why he’s the better candidate, he’s spending money talking about something no real voters give a crap about and tosses in a lie about Angelides’ tax plan that’s patently false. Hmm. Sounds like someone broke his own promise about those Queensbury rules.
Putting aside for a moment whether Phil or Steve is the bestest Democrat boy running, there’s a bigger issue here. If Steve Westly can’t handle a random, unscripted question from the peanut gallery, or a few jabs from a fellow Democrat, how the Hell is he going to handle going up against Gov. Doofinator and his huge team of spinmeisters, politickers and a massive state funded disinfo ops team, much less the many millions in independent expenditures from allied right wing groups that will toss out crap far worse than he’s ever had to deal with?
No wonder this guy barely beat McClintock in 2002. Perhaps after the election, Westly and Senator Huffington, President Perot, Governor Checchi, and the rest of the rich geniuses can get together and have a beer about those Queensbury rules.
Don’t forget to send in your political junk mail so we can do some disinfo rehab prior to the election! Send me a note and we’ll get it on Flickr ASAP!

Channeling Mike Dukakis in the Race For Governor

I was wondering why watching Phil Angelides andSteve Westly seemed so familiar.
At first I thought it was because I remembered meeting Steve Westly when in 1989 he ran against Gov. Jerry Brown for Democratic Party Chairman (he lost that race in 1989, and backed Phil’s opponent when Jerry quit). Or maybe it was because smilin’ Phil was in all those house party videos in 1992 when Democrats stopped losing in California.
Then I realized what it was – both men are channeling the spirit of former Governor Mike Dukakis in their campaigns. Now, unlike some, I don’t say this to be mean, but more as an observation. It’s not a bad thing to me, but I don’t know if it’s the winning plan for beating Gov. Doofinator in California in 2006.

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