Deep Thought of the Day: Should Male Politicians Be Required to Use Condoms While In Office?

It seems like every year we, the People, are confronted with some malfeasance by male elected officials committed while in office that involve them “doing it” with people or in places they’re not supposed to. We are subjected to hearing about their (gross) sex lives, everyone gets in a huff, and nothing good comes out of it once the scandal is over.
This is a multi-partisan issue – think just in the last few years about politicians local (Newsom & Mirkarimi) state (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Duvall and Gary Condit to name a few ) and national (Bill Clinton, David Vittner, Bob Packwood, and many more) who’ve had problems all because they can’t control themselves.
Clearly, this is an issue of both health and morals. Since many male politicians have seen fit to play the game of “Who Can Create the Handmaid’s Tale in Real Life” with bills to regulate birth control, abortions, de funding rape crisis centers and the like, all in the name of health and morals, maybe it’s simply time to take this to its logical conclusion: demand all male politicians use condoms during their affairs so as to limit the potential extra-marital births and for public health.
This way, we could be assured that even if we have electeds who have affairs, the worst they’ll do is make themselves look bad, and not bring in children to this world who will be put in the spotlight during a messy court case or custody battle, and we’d be assured no one is spreading diseases whilst in office. I can imagine several scenarios where this law might have diminished certain scandals to where they might not have been such a boil on the body politics.
Flame away, Internet! See how loud and crazy you can get in the comments!
PS: None of the lists I made are to be considered comprehensive at all – I didn’t have time to super Google a comprehensive list. We all know, though, that no one party has a monopoly on this kind of crap, and as far as I’m concerned, most politicians are either super corrupt, super immoral, or super neutral and just do whatever the lobbyists say. Both parties are full of people like this.

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