Post Filing Debate Set for August 16th, Courtesy of the Alliance for Jobs and Comcast!

Debates are a tricky proposition when you have more than 2 candidates running for office. Endless side debates begin about Who Gets To Participate and Who Doesn’t, and so on. This has been especially difficult since we still may have more candidates running for Mayor here in San Francisco after the official filing period ends.
That’s why the debate on August 16th at 7:30pm, co-sponsored by the Alliance for Jobs and Sustainable Growth, and Comcast, is worth checking out. This will likely be the first major broadcast of a debate, post-filing, and given the sponsors, should be a quality event. If you’re not familiar with the Alliance, it’s a coalition of business, labor and community groups dedicated to finding long-term prosperity for San Francisco that benefits everyone, not just the connected. Comcast, you know of course, but the fact Comcast is putting time and effort to produce this event deserves a high five.
Best of all, you, the voter can participate. Go to the Facebook Page for the debate, and once you “Like” the page, you can post suggested questions for the candidates for all to see. This is your chance to ask the tough questions and see what happens. Check it out!

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