Is San Francisco Setting a New Record for the Number of Electeds Running For Office?

So there I was, reading yet another “What if Temporary Mayor Lee Runs For Office” blather on some news site or whatever, and it got me to thinking – just how many people are running for office, while (supposedly) serving the public?
Let’s take a look:
Current Mayor – Running? Not Running? (this tease is getting very tiresome, btw)
City Attorney – Running for Mayor
Assessor – Running for Mayor
President, Board of Supervisors – Running for Mayor
Supervisor Avalos – Running for Mayor
Supervisor Mirkirimi – Running for Sheriff
District Attorney – Running for DA (Appointed in 2011)
State Senator – Running for Mayor
To be honest, with so many people in office running for another in an “off year,” if Mr. Lee decides to have a “do over” on his promise to be a caretaker, look for City Hall to basically shut down for the rest of the year.
There’ll be so many people posturing and looking for short term gimmicks so they can slap some crap on a piece of dead tree mail and spend special interest cash to pay for it, you can’t expect much to happen.

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