A Minor Suggestion to the SF Film Commission: Copy This Idea from NYC. Now.

Hey! San Francisco Film Commission! Listen up!
I have a great idea for you to raise a few bucks, promote San Francisco as a filming location, and help local cartoonists and artists!
Thanks to the good people at Laughing Squid, I found this post at Gothamist featuring a poster of (almost) all of the movies filmed in Manhattan, in cartoon-like form.
I’m not one to endorse wholesale copy-catting, but something similar tothis, using some of our talented local artists and cartoonists could be a triple win: promoting the movie biz in SF, helping local artists, and selling them coulposterisawesome.jpgd make some quick petty cash for the office.
Hmm? Whaddya say? Email me if you think this might be kinda cool.
Image copyright Bernie Hou of Alien Loves Predator

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