Oh So You Dug Sen. Sanders’ Filibuster? Ok, Time To Act Locally!

floor speech.jpgThe Twitter was abuzz about Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his marathon filibuster of the Obama/GOP tax deal. Living in San Francisco, and being on The Twitter, and following so many Good People On Said Twitter, it was hard not to hear about it. There were all sorts of tribute websites and the like, and that’s wonderful.
The theme of Sanders’ 8+hour filibuster was the inequality in wealth in this country and the real-world effects this has on people who work for a living, versus those who play games in the financial markets and those that inherit wealth, and do not generate it. Etc. etc etc.
All red tofu for the left in San Francisco, and eye-opening statistics for the millionaire’s club known as Congress. However, while San Francisco’s population can cluck their tongues, the fact is that right now, San Francisco is poised to give away millions to a billionaire who makes record profits, all so he can have a billionaire boat race here in town.
The Mayor you just gave a promotion to, and whom you swoon over (boys and girls) is exiting his office early as a solid promoter of this deal. So-called “progressive” Ross Mirkarimi is swooning over this deal based on some sort of misguided nostalgia for his home town 3000 miles away, and the rest of the Supervisors are too busy playing political games to get into Room 200 or passing useless legislation to notice what is about to happen.
Make no mistake, San Francisco is as guilty as any DC insider in this use of the government to side with the wealthy and make the poor pay. The mayor, by decree/fatwa, eliminated a successful “green jobs” operation on behalf of a few NIMBY property owners (most likely recent transplants during Dot Com 1 anyway) with the specific intent of ensuring “those people” (aka the poors) can’t recycle bottles and cans for money.
This is a city that is doing everything it can, again on the behalf of the few, to over-regulate and to kick out plenty of community building operations in the City, all because the wealthy few deem it unseemly that those that aren’t wealthy landowners get to enjoy San Francisco as much as they do.
So high five Sen. Sanders all you like. Until you realize that your own government in So-Called Leftist San Francisco, and those self-appointed righteous knownothingknowitalls are literally selling out your poor, broke city on behalf of Larry FUCKING Ellison, and until you do something about it, you are no better than the President that sold you out for a few pieces of silver to the people he said he was going to fight.
It’s time to act locally, folks. We may not be able to do anything about the swamp that is Washington DC, but if we can’t even clean up our own messes at home, then we have no right to tell anyone else how to live their lives.

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