A Call for Political Junk Mail for Campaign 2010!

As it’s the campaign season once again, that means that the time honored tradition of political junk direct mail will be filling your mailboxes this fall. Most people just send this stuff straight to the recycle bin (at my apartment it never even makes it indoors as people just dump it in the recycle bin we have outside by our mailboxes), and that’s a shame. Mostly because unlike most people, I actually look at these things, not so much to be “informed” but rather to decode and debunk what it is they’re saying.
Unlike TV ads, which get analyzed extensively by the press, direct mail runs “under the radar” and often times it’s past election day before people realize what hit them. So, as I’ve done in the past, I like to scan these in and critique them on message, artwork, and the lie-o-meter, because I’m just that obsessive.
So what does this mean for you? Well the thing is despite having voted in one form or another for some time, because I’ve only lived in this particular residence for about a year and a half, I don’t get as much mail as some of you might. Thus, I’m asking for help in collecting samples from around the City of SF (particularly independent expenditures on behalf of causes and candidates) and anything that looks interesting or explicitly lame or just plain odd. Email me and let me know what you’ve got and I’ll make arrangements to pick it up or send you some $ for postage. Or, scan it in if you can and send me a JPG.

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