Friday Flashback – MAD Magazine Cover from 1960!

mad1960.jpgLately I’ve been going through various, disorganized boxes of things I’ve saved over the years, organizing them so I can finally frame my button collection and other odd memoribilia I’ve saved. It’s not Hoarders level weird stuff either – being a minimalist who has moved around the country several times, I’m pretty strict on what remains with me and what is given away. I have been pleasantly surprised to find several items, one of which I’ve featured here – a MAD magazine from 1960.
If you’re a fan of Mad Men, you’ll recall that season 1 starts in 1960, and there’s much discussion of the Presidential election that year. One wonders if the ad copywriters of Sterling Cooper might have had a copy of this issue in their desk, to read whilst having a drink at work.
Even funnier is the main feature “If Madison Avenue Ran Presidential Elections” and well, let’s just say that in its prime, MAD Magazine was a better resource for learning than most people realize. I credit old MADs from the 60s and 70s as being the prime influence of my world view, far more than some silly party or politician.

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