Replace Traditional Anti-Valentine’s Day Snark and Hate With….The Rebranding of Valentine’s Day!

valentines_color_icon.gifOne of the most honored traditions of the Valentine’s Day Season is the annual Hating on Valentine’s Day ritual. 30 Rock had a bit of this last night, and the practice of such is as time honored as giving candy and zany teddy bears to people you (might) love (and might not see again after giving that weird-ass gas station teddy bear to on V-Day).
However, this year there’s something new for Valentine’s day that’s neither pro, nor anti, but instead what the holiday really needs…a brand re-imagining!
Brand New, part of the Under Consideration constellation of websites (which you Select Readers may written recall from past posts), featured this extensive workup of the upgraded, rebranded and improved Valentine’s Day. The key component is to create a unique symbol for Valentine’s day (as the “heart” image is appropriated by many causes and ideas) with…this new exclusive icon (pictured at right).
Read the rest of the article for the details. It’s quite entertaining, actually. For more information on unique branding and marketing, consult your local library, or just go watch this video about how a stop sign would be designed by a modern corporation.

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