Supervisor Chris Daly’s “Language Issue” – Who Gives a FRAK?

bulworth-poster.jpgSo it seems the only way you can get the mainstream news media’s attention these days is to put a witty update on “Facebook,” and suddenly everyone loses it over a throwaway remark. I’m talking, of course, about Supervisor Chris Daly’s “vow” to use the dreaded “F-word” (no not “frak” which would have been way cooler) at every meeting he attends.
To which I say, “who cares?”
Watching the mainstream media lose it over this, however, has been the really obscene thing. I mean, it’s not like there’s so little going on, what with earthquakes (are we prepared), Muni (are we burning it to the ground) and Everything Else worth reporting – no, take those precious column inches and airtime to yak about this. Predictably, one of the few people who has a rational, sane take on this is none other than Beth Spotswood, over at the SF Appeal.
Personally, I don’t care what kind of “language” he uses, and it’s a bit much for the Mayor to get all pious now, after the long running disaster his mayoral reign has been. I’m much more interested in what Sup. Daly, and the Board, and the Mayor are going to do to try and repair the damage caused by Gov. Doofinator and his allies in the Democratic Legislature to the budget, so that things that actually matter to me, like a functional transit system and a safe city to live in, are addressed.
If saying “f*ck” helps that along, well that’s fine with me. Just go do something productive, and no one will care. Certainly not the mainstream press!

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