Just Go, Gavin. Just Go. You’re Obviously Done with SF, and Now We’re Done With You.

By now everyone knows Newsom press spokesman Nathan Ballard has decided to leave, and use his consderable talents elsewhere. This is just the latest in an exodus of talent from the Newsom “Administration,” now in full force since his departure from the race for Governor (and his subsequent absence from work).
Pretty much everyone has been dogpiling on him since then, especially after he took off for Hawaii, and since returning, doesn’t talk to the press, lies often, and doesn’t seem to be doing his job. Now, I don’t like kicking a guy who’s down because his dreams of being Governor died recently, but we are paying him to be the chief executive of San Francisco, and right now we have a lot of bad stuff going on.
When I saw this clip from CBS5, I realized what a petulant, bratty little child our “boyish mayor” really is. After reading about yesterday and today’s many Muni failures (for which he was AWOL), among other Big Problems, it’s time for the adults to take over Room 200.
It’s time for us to say Go, Gavin Newsom. Just go. Don’t wanna be Mayor? Fine. Go back to your businesses, your family, and never have to be responsible for anything again. Just do your thing and it’s cool and we’ll move on, and everyone will be happier. But it’s time for adults to take over and start taking this “running the city” thing seriously. No more “big ideas” or press conferences.
UPDATE: As I write this, the always awesome Mat Honan posts this link to a single-serving site: Has Gavin Newsom Resigned Yet? And don’t forget I Love You Gavin Newsom.com as well.

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