TMZ and The Chronicle Read My Mind: Cover Politicians!

Well that was funny to read this morning…it seems that gossip gurus are going to start applying their style of journalism to politicos as it warrants, much as they do celebrities in Hollywood.
To which I say “Thank God!”
I actually posted a zany little blog missive on this very issue just over a year ago but was serious – doesn’t seem to mind pissing off the folks in Hollywood, and they always seemed to be on the scene.
Maybe if we could get TMZ and some awesome investigative reporters to tag team our folks in government, we’d really get something there. The folks could be the shock and awe troops to zing ’em when they drive their SUVs to Earth Day, and the investigative folks could get paid well to do the kind of reporting you need from Real Journalists once the target’s been acquired.
Hey, it couldn’t hurt, right?
PS: I bet it would make money too. Grab the readers with the TMZ takedown, keep the eyes on the site for the tough reporting. I’d definitely pay for THAT.

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