Yes We Frakkin’ Can: AKA Why I Like Obama’s Ads….

It’s things like this that remind me why A) San Francisco “politics” is petty BS wrapped in a so-called liberal wrapper, and b) why Obama, faults and all, won the primaries, and is positioned to win the Presidency.
But more importantly, Obama ain’t doing this all by himself. This was a perfect match of old-school organizing and the ease of the Internet that allowed what we’ve been waiting for a long time -a mass movement funded mostly by small donations, over and over, finally happened, thanks to technology created by the Defense Department.
Of course, we can also thank the GOP, who after 8 years running the Executive Branch and 6 years running Congress gave us a war they tried to do on the cheap (costing American lives and dollars) and a financial crisis of EPIC FAIL proportions. And now, the Other Side’s folks are crying and screaming like the liberals did in the 80s. Boo Hoo.
And now, the video, thanks to YouTube:

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