The City’s Voting Machines STILL Uncertified? Yes We Can!

One of the bigger lies that was told during the campaign to force IRV/RCV/WTF down everyone’s throats was that the system would “save money,” because it would mean no runoff election.
Well, once again, that absurd little promise is proving once again to be false. Last year we had to hand count and re-do people’s ballots for them, all by hand, because of problems with our voting systems. Now, the ugly little problem no one wants to talk about rears its head again, as it’s been revealed NONE of the City’s voting machines are certified for use. Yes, really.
There’s a hearing, of course, but it is scheduled 6 weeks before the election. There is a good chance that the vendor in question might not make the cut – meaning that in an election with a huge turnout, a ton of things on the ballot, and yes, IRV/RCV/WTF, we will be hand counting at tremendous expense, for weeks.
Last year we saw the specter of IRV/RCV/WTF advocates actually attacking Secretary of State Bowen for doing her job to maintain the integrity of the election system – because they wanted to defend their ideological vies, voter rights be damned. Look for a repeat performance this year.
IRV/RCV/WTF’s many promises have mostly been proven false as the system has been implemented. Campaigns are NOT nicer, the top vote getter on Election night wins anyway, incumbents are ensured re-election (thus essentially giving all elected officials 8 year terms) and the crowded podium at debates and in news coverage ensures that the discussion of complex city policy is reduced to 15 and 30 second soundbites at endless “debates” that tell you nothing about what these people plan to do. That is, when we even bother to have people run against each other.

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