Posting to Go Light This Fall Due To Work + A Cool GOTV Video!

One of the disadvantages of having so many blogs, including the Best Local Blog, The N Judah Chronicles (sorry I can’t help it, I never win stuff like that and it is kinda cool), the Adama For President site, and various other online things I’m always experimenting with, is that they take a lot of time to keep up. And I also have to pay the bills with real work too (unless like, a ton of people are willing to buy my shirts and stickers, stat).
In addition to the work I do for a local media and software company, this week I will officially begin work for a local campaign, the No on H campaign. As such I won’t have the time to keep up everything the way I’d want, so this site will go on hiatus while I work on the campaign.
I want to thank one of the spokesfolk for the Yes on H campaign, who called me a Nazi online, repeatedly, when I raised some questions about the so-called Clean Energy Campaign. Thanks to you, dude, I am now working on the campaign and can pay all my bills! Yay!
The N Judah Chronicles will continue, because I like it and people read it. Besides, it’s the best local blog in the Bay Area according to readers of the Bay Guardian. I can’t quit now!
That’s all for now. Oh and before I forget, I had the pleasure of meeting Hooman Khalili from Alice 97.3 and he’s got a really cool video on YouTube about why it’s important for young people to vote. I urge you all to check it out, because it’s a short, nonpartisan, high impact ad. Click here to watch it now!

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