Holy Frak! The N Judah Chronicles Won Best Local Blogger at…the Guardian?

Time for a little shameless self promotion…this morning a friend called me up and told me that apparently Bay Guardian readers have named the N Judah Chronicles the “best local blog” in their annual “Best of the Bay” poll.
I had no idea that they even had such a category, much less tell my friends, neighbors, reader and whatnots to vote for me. I have to say I was shocked.
There’s a bit of irony in all this, true. But this was a poll of their readers and somehow, The N Judah Chronicles, which started as a joke email to 20 friends 3 years ago, has now evolved into something. Who woulda thought?
Seriously, this was a nice surprise this morning, and a nice way to go back to work after my trip to Nerd Prom. To all of you folks who apparently nominated and voted for me, um, THANKS!

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