A Question for the Pelosi Haters, and the Political Primal Screamers Re: Impeachment…

Senate Republicans successfully blocked an attempt to tax oil companies at a time when the oil companies are making record profits, and EVERYONE is pissed about $4 and $5 a gallon gas prices. EVERYONE. Blue state, Red state, whatever. And it’s having an effect on businesses, big and small. Yet they still blocked it.
What on earth makes you think if by some miracle articles of impeachment were passed that it would ever make it through the Senate?
Think it through. Think about it long and hard. Come on now…
PS: Oh and if all the Republicans in the Senate bowed to your wisdom, you do realize that Speaker Pelosi, whom you bash on repeatedly with your drums and whatnots….would become President as she’s third in line to succession.
PPS: Oh, and this assumes you can somehow manage to pass the Articles of Impeachment, have a successful Senate trial, AND somehow force out two executives who have never shown a reluctance to use their power to do whatever they want, people be darned, AND DO SO BEFORE THE NOVEMBER ELECTION!
Eeeyeah. And yet, in San Francisco, I’m the one called crazy when I bring these bothersome facts up. Ah well.

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