Which Side is Spamming SF Voters? The “Progessives” or “Big Evil Lennar?”

In the last few days before the Big Election, anyone like me who was foolish enough to put their email address on their voter registration form is getting all sorts of nonsense in their email in-box. I’d mentioned before this is not such a brilliant idea.
Interestingly enough, however, Big Evil Lennar corporation, which is spending a pile of cash to get that silly Prop. G passed, uses a company that voluntarily complies with the CAN SPAM law even though it doesn’t apply to political communications.
On the other side, I’m getting tons of spam from Cindy Sheehan (!), the No on G/Yes on F campaign, and the Chris Daly group trying to take over the DCCC, and it doesn’t even try to be CAN SPAM compliant. (And God help you if you dare say something to these paragons of virtue – they’re liable to rip your head off for daring to suggest they’re anything less than angels.)
Funny, that.

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