Real Life Outdoes Parody: Board Votes For WHAT THE F**K??!??

Ya know, it’s tough telling people from the Rest of the World you live in San Francisco sometimes. Folks Out There think we live in some hippy Disneyland, complete with hemp-fueled roller coasters to our mandatory crack pipes and abortions, and whatnot, and you wanna say “No, but some of us are cool!”
Then you read about this, and you do the Jon Stewart shaking-of-head thing
Reactions have been swift. As always, Melissa manages to say all that needs to be said in as few words as possible, SFist has a lively discussion, and Curbed offers a rational take on said issue.
Now, while such a “memorial” is likely to go nowhere due to um, er, that whole budget thing that created such a dustup, and all, it does make us come up with a few ideas for more plaques. Heck we can beat LA at that whole “Walk of Stars” stuff, being the City That Knows How (to Bitch):

-A series of plaques commemorating all the nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and Old San Francisco hangouts put out of business by haphazard regulations;
-A series of plaques commemorating all the MUNI lines that were killed off by MUNI in the post-war era to accommodate the bus and car companies’ need to sell slipshod equipment. Special bonus ones for the screwing of the cable car system and the Washington/Jackson line (aka the profitable one!).
-And finally, a new statue , a west coast statue to celebrate the City That Knows How to Bitch. But instead of Lady Liberty’s Torch held on high, we’ll have a vision of a bitchy, confused person who wants to know why their f*ckin’ latte had skim milk instead of chai, and bitch accordingly about something.
Or whatever. What do I know? It’s not like I’m smart enough to be a supervisor or something.

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