Let’s Lighten The Mood With Star Wars, Saul Bass Style, and Proposition 3-17!

Time to lighten the mood with a few fun finds. The first comes courtesy of the good folks who run io9.com, which has all sorts of sci-fi-like goodness daily. Apparently some creative type decided to do the Star Wars credits if Star Wars had been made in the 1950s and employed legendary animator Saul Bass to do the credits. (Once you watch the video, you’ll recognize the style from all sorts of classic films in the 50s and 60s).

Also, I got a pin the other day as part of a Guinness St. Patrick’s Day promotion for Proposition 3-17. Given all the weirdness we usually get on the ballot, really, this is pretty mild.
UPDATE: The pop culture remix continues, as it seems someone took the Saul Bass/Star Wars mashup, and decided to spoof the digital remake of Star Wars, in the same style.
Thank goodness we now live in an era where we can have the tools at home to make awesome videos, remix pop culture, and remix it again and show it to whoever is curious to watch. Kinda like the Laugh Out Loud Cats remix. Yay Series of Tubes.

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