Clinton Comes Out In Favor of Wage Garnishment for Insurance Companies – WTF?

I was wondering how the Clinton campaign would invent a new way to fumble the ball this late in the game, and in today’s Yahoo News, I found it, front and center. It seems Mrs. Clinton would garnish your wages if you chose not to buy private health insurance in her “health care plan.”
This is not unusual for mainstream Democrat politicians – Clinton supporter (and Corporate Shill) Fabian Nunez, who is Speaker of the California Assembly, supported a similar idea for Californians. It’s one of those things people who don’t have to pay taxes or worry about bills support because it seems right – not realizing that if “health insurance” was affordable, the people that can’t afford it would have it. Do we really need to put the Institute of No Duh on the payroll with Democrats?
Maybe so. Maybe it’s also time to call BS on a few things – namely that the very concept of the insurance business is to get you to pay for something you’re not likely to use much. Insurance companies have spent decades, nay 100s of years working out risk analysis so that they can make money. That’s what businesses do, and that’s also why insurance companies are good investments.
Now, that model is a terrible one for providing health care – since an insurance company’s primary function is to make money and kick out overly risky folks, not take care of ’em. It’s also why using the government to impose what is essentially a payroll tax on your take home pay and force you to buy private insurance (or use the power of the government to punish you with jail time if you fail) is a terrible idea.
Plenty of other countries have seemed to figure out a way to provide at least some level of health coverage for their populations, and while no system is perfect, there’s really no way anyone can argue we’re doing any better.
The entire “health” industry is essentially a check cashing business – you send them a check, they cash it, then they do nothing for you when you need health care. Most Americans have figured this out. You’d think the Democrat candidate with “experience” might have figured that out too.
But then again, life’s pretty good when you’ve got government health care for life, and you don’t have to pay for it. Now where do we get jobs like that?

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