Send In Your Junk Mail for the 2007 Political Direct Mail Archive!

Every year, voters around the City and around the country get lots of Political Junk Direct Mail, some good, some bad, some funny, some boring. And every year, as I’ve been doing for some time now, I open up an archive of your submissions as well as the mail I pick up in the mailbox every week from now until election day. Bookmark this link and you’ll always see the complete archive as we go along.
Last year we had an interesting showcase of what candidates chose to put in print to represent themselves to voters.
So far this year, even as I got my voter guide, I’ve received virtually nothing (unless you count that “Quintin Mecke for Mayor” flyer that was covered in footprints on the MUNI the other day and no I didn’t pick it up). So, I’m probably going to be posting some pieces from Burlingame since I have family who live there, and well, it’s sorta like SF since Sup. Ed Jew might live there too.
As always, I welcome your submissions, even if this year the campaign season is a bit quiet. Consultants, if you have a mail piece you’re particularly proud of, email me a JPEG or PDF and I will post it. Citizens, if you find something in your mail that looks interesting, send it on in. Or, if you’re scanner-less, email me and I’ll give you a place to mail it to, or I can stop by a location downtown and take it off your hands.
The archive will give us all a chance to analyze each piece, see what the candidates are saying, and see how they put their message together. People seemed to like it in the past, so let’s give it a try even if this year’s campaign season is a bit less inspired than in years past. Thanks for your help!

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