Oh No They DIDN’T : A Joke From Years Ago Is Now Real – Jesus’ Wine!

Why I remember this I don’t know, but back in the 1990s, a brewing company came out with a “40” of Malt Liquor that was named “Crazy Horse” (as in the Native American /Indian leader). Needless to say, more than a few Native Americans/Indians were rather pissed off to see their leader being used to sell crappy beer.
Activists made the media rounds and while this particular report doesn’t say it I remember seeing a congressional hearing where some Native American/Indian leaders, to show others why they were so pissed, made up bottles of “Jesus Christ White Wine” and “Malcolm X Malt Liquor” to give others a taste of what they’d felt when they saw Crazy Horse on sale.
Then I read the L.A. Times and saw this piece of news about a new wine from Israel.
“Grapes of Galilee” wine. With not one, but TWO pictures of the Son of God on it. It’s to be marketed to Christians or something.
It just goes to show you that no matter how crazy, ironic or “out there” a criticism can be, someday, if you’re not careful, it can REALLY happen.
I don’t know that I’d be buying wine with Jesus’ picture on it, and with an ad campaign that insinuates taht if Jesus drank wine back in the day “it came from their vines” (to paraphrase the vintner.). I’d happily buy a wine from Israel, since I’m sure there are good wines from Israel. But why drag Jesus into this? Does this mean if I buy a wine from Napa I’m supporting Satan or something?
Anyway, enjoy your weekend, and watch out for those sneaky mailers that aren’t telling the truth about the Fix MUNI proposition! Looks like that “deal” to get things done got broken by one side after all. A pity.
*Note: I used both “Native American” and “Indian” because my experience has been that people in California like to say “Native American” but whenever I’ve worked on political campaigns with indigenous peoples of North America, they almost always refer to themselves as “Indian,” and the names of many national organizations dedicated to such issues also say “Indian.” So I put in both so no one gets all mad.

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