I’m Not So Insecure I Can’t Admit A Mistake Now and Then….

Recently I posted a snarky entry that suggested that a blog on the SFGate site shared “too many similarities” to one I’d posted earlier. While never using the “p-word” it was a tad harsh.
After speaking with some folks, it has been determined that it was indeed a case of “great minds thinking alike” and any suggestions otherwise that Chron TV blogger Rain Jokinen were doing anything unethical are simply incorrect.
I am not so insecure in my own writing and sense of self that I cannot admit a mistake and apologize. Too often, in our “gotcha” culture, people don’t back down when they’re mistaken. (That’s how we got stuck in Iraq, et al).
Personally I have always admired people who aren’t afraid to say “I made a mistake.” Now I am doing what I advocate for others!
Now let’s all enjoy tonight’s episode of Heroes and look forward to a week of fun and excitement!

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