A Desperate Plea to Any Voters or Campaigns for Even A Little Campaign Junk Mail

Well this hasn’t gone well. I had hoped to put together a Direct Mail Archive for the fall elections, but as the good old Chronicle reported in their “pointing out the obvious” kind of way, this year has plain sucked for political consultants and campaigns.

Usually by now I at least have my own sampling of campaign mail to post, being a permanent mail ballot voter, but alas, not a thing. Now I could go off on another “oh the progressives totally f*cked up and it’s all their fault” but hey, that’s obvious (their implosion is pretty much accomplished). Or I could go off on another tangent about Our Mayor, but really, what’s the point?

Instead, I’m making one last plea for something, anything, from any of the campaigns, in PDF or JPEG format for this year’s archive. Otherwise the only thing I can comment on is this goofy logo from the “Yes on J” campaign that looks like a zombie brain with a wire shoved in its side. And we don’t want that now, do we?

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