Reading CW Nevius is Like Deja Vu All Over Again…

Funny thing happened the other day. Whilst perusing the latest in news and political analysis from the esteemed San Francisco Chronicle, aka “The Voice of the West,” I caught this article, by CW Nevius about the state of the Election-That-Cannot-Be-Named-On-This-Blog.
What was funny about it was how much it had many points made in this piece which I hosted for my friend (and which appeared at the awesome Fog City Journal as well.
Now, some might take the Chronicle to task as it a) has a reputation for bashing “the Internet” and b) stealing ideas from said hated blogs with no credit. I guess I should just be thankful such a smart, intelligent, well-reasoned, and original columnist such as Good Old CW Nevius reads what’s groovy on The Internets!
Thanks for reading, CW, and please, don’t forget to check out my way more interesting, fun, and exciting blog if you’re stuck for ideas! People love to talk about MUNI and stuff.

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