Lighting a Lighter Because Apple ROCKS: New iPods!

You have to hand it to Apple, Inc.: just when you start to wonder if there’s anyone left around who actually does something for a living other than ad sales, financial derivatives ,or say, laundry, good old Apple makes a product really well, then keeps making it better. Today’s new iPods are an example of that.
While I always liked the iPhone conceptually, I did not want to gget one because a) it cost a fortune and more importantly, b) getting one would mean having to switch from my favored cellphone company, T-Mobile, and switch to the Soviet-like stagnation and bureaucracy of AT&T, which sucks. So I figured I was out of luck.
It wasn’t so much that the phone part was any different than my current Nokia, but rather that for many of the tasks I have when I’m out and about (checking email, approving comments, and getting NextMUNI info), the iPhone was almost as good as lugging around my beloved G4 Powerbook. But that AT&T thing killed the deal.
Enter the newest iPod, with all the great features of the iPhone I wanted – just no phone itself. It’s a little cheaper, can hold more music, files and videos, and best of all, gives me a chance to get the cool features of the iPhone while at the same time giving the finger to the toads at AT&T. No ongoing “fees” or “contracts” – I can keep my awesome rate plan with T-Mobile.
Sure I’ll be the nerd with two gadgets in his pocket but so what? I can get the product I want and not get strangled by AT&T’s fees. Apple, THANK YOU!

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