Time for A Laugh, at the Progressives’ Expense – Gonzalez Really Ain’t Running!

So, finally, the Messiah has spoken, and it turns out Golden Boy Matt Gonzalez really isn’t running for mayor. All the pitiful jabbering and gossiping and puttering on the left about What Will Matt Do was for naught. Now, I predicted this some time ago, but you know what?
Who cares?
And that goes for any more chatter about this joke of a Mayor’s race we have now. Seriously.
Right now I’m just thinking of Eric Cartman and Nelson Muntz getting together, pointing fingers at San Francisco (especially the left) and laughing in their trademarked ways.
What’s funnier is that Mayor Newsom (who throughout his term could not pass a ballot measure or elect a new ally to the board that wasn’t appointed) is Mr. Invicible, and can literally do anything he wants, without any consequences. And yet, he’s still so scared of wealthy interests, he’s going to try and torpedo a MUNI reform measure.
Now who’s laughing?

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