Serendipitous Speaking Engagement With the Alice B. Toklas Democrats

Earlier this week I had an unexpected chance to play “pundit” when Paul Hogarth of Beyond Chron urgently emailed me Monday morning. It seems he’d been invited to talk about local political gossip with the good people at the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club meeting Monday night, and was slightly concerned about being the only person speaking for 2 hours.
So, at the lastest of the last minutes, and with the approval of the club’s organizers, I showed up at the LGBT Center on Market, and the two of us talked about a range of topics, from the drama of District 4, the junior high theater shenanigans at City Hall, and more, although once the topic of MUNI came up that seemed to provide some of the liveliest discussion of all.
Overall, it was a lot of fun and I owe a big thanks to the Toklas Club leaders and members. I used to do this sort of thing more often, but have slacked off in recent years as I decided to take a lower profile in the political world, but I had such a great time I would like to do this again.
So if you have a neighborhood or political group and would like a lively speaker on SF politics, political reform or frankly, my favorite topic (and that of most people it seems), MUNI’s follies and foilbles, feel free to email me and if I can make it, I’ll provide some free entertainment and info for you and your colleagues.

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