Friday Fun: Sup. Braithwaite Burke Doesn’t Live in HER District EITHER!

Although I do not live in Los Angeles any longer, I still read the LA Times, partially out of interest for some subjects they still cover, and partially because watching a once-great paper get torn apart by corporate bean counters and morons is kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
This week, the LA Times did some investigative reporting* on one of the all-powerful LA County Supervisors, investigating if she lives in her district, or in the tony Brentwood area. Needless to say, she doesn’t, and she had a command of “junkie logic” as she changed her story more than once.
It’s interesting to compare the reporting methodology of the Times, which sent people day in and day out to find out the facts, whereas the Chronicle’s style seems to be a bit more laid back, waiting for a phone call from a PR person or an expert from City Hall.
Perhaps I am wrong. But it is also interesting to note that the LA County Prosecutor has successfully nailed folks playing games like this, whereas we still seem to have a bit of fumble and tumble around here.
Score another victory for Los Angeles, who, despite the State Assembly’s budget cuts (shame on you Fiona Ma and Mark Leno) to mass transit, is making improvements in that area. Meanwhile, our Mayor sides with the “cars-only-screw-everyone-else” crowd, and MUNI has meltdowns weekly.
Sad. Just sad.
* San Franciscans on a diet of local media might be confused as to what the term “Investigative Reporting” means, esp. in print…you may need to seek out a news source out of the area to find an example…but hurry! Every day another reporting staff gets fired so some trailer park owner or real estate developer or hedge fund can save a few pennies…then groan about how no one reads their thin, boring, crappy dino-papers anymore….

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