Save Net Radio Benefit This Weekend!

I’ve been remiss in not getting the word out to folks as best I can about the looming destruction of Internet radio that’s coming fairly soon, and how they can help try and forestall the Forces of Doom. Which is rather stupid , on my part, since I am an avid listener of SOMA FM. In fact, thanks to SOMA FM, I’ve ended up buying more music than I would if there was no SOMA FM. Plus, their “Groove Salad” channel is great for background music when I’m on a writing deadline.
There is a Save Internet Radio event coming up on Sunday that you should check out. Also, oddly enough, there is an unusually informative piece in the SF Weekly that explains much of what’s going on, and its impact on Internet stations here in town.
This was a surprise, since this is the first time in a years I can remember reading something that I didn’t already know in said publication. But I digress.
My biggest objection to how all of this is going down is that once again we see the big entertainment companies and the RIAA decide that the only way to be successful in business is to go to war with the customer, and use Congress and their ilk to write bogus laws that reinforce this war. Then they wonder why it is people are running away in droves from their dull offerings and towards all things Internets. Duh!

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