A “Hey, Wait a Minute!” from BlogSF and the ABC News I Team On the Latest Non Issue?

While reading the blog feed at BlogSF.com I saw this interesting piece from the ABC news I-Team about a rather provocative video attacking the Mayor, SF POA Chief Gary Delagnes, and SFPD Chief Fong.
It concerns that “scandal”you may recall a while back concerning some officers in the SFPD’s Bayview District who made a retirement video for a departing colleague which ended up on the Internet.
All of this made me have a “Hey! Wait A Minute!” moment. Right now I’m told Chris Daly is indeed the anti-Christ for saying that the Mayor was evasive when asked about a possible problem with cocaine in the past.
However, when the police officers who were disciplined by the SFPD sued recently, they indicated they’d demand a deposition under oath from the Mayor about….well, you know.
So the question today about the non-issue issue, since Mayor G.C. gave said allegations a no-holds barred F.U. in no uncertain terms, is this: Why hasn’t anyone called the suing SFPD cops “evil” for doing something that would seem to be in the same vein as Mr. Daly’s loud rhetoric?
And, when do I get to read that detailed analysis of the Mayor’s budget and the like, instead of more “everything is the Internet’s fault” foolishness from The Chronicle?

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