A Few Notes and Links From The “Progressive Convention”

There was a certain irony to holding the “Progressive Convention” at a kids’ school, with all these Deep Thoughts posted around the school. Given all the constant talking and bemoaning and whatnot, seeing this little missive about excuses seemed rather appropriate.
I stopped by to check it out, but since there was no candidate announcing or whatever, the “news” value of it was a bit low. However, it was clear there were a lot of people willing to do something, anything, if only there was a candidate to run for Mayor or D.A.
I stuck around long enough to see Public Defender Jeff Adachi give a short speech, which was well received. Otherwise, after hanging out a little, I took off, since at these things people love to putter around the room, and progressive hospitality inevitably means brown rice is involved somehow.
Bob over at Calitics compiled a link list of bloggers talkin’ about the convention, and this wrap up, that describes the letdown at the end. Check it out!

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