Jr. High Political Theater, “Progressive” Style: Comedy, Drama, and Political Trauma June 2nd…

Earlier this year, we had political theater, junior high style courtesy of our Mayor and the gang. Oh what fun times those were for “bloggers” and the like, what with silly sideshow acts and more, all to brighten up a dreary winter’s day. Then things got boring, and observers, hangers-on, and the like were wondering who would fill the void.
Now, “progressives” (the definition of whom changes depending on who you talk to) are hastily staging their own paper-crown-and-homemade-costume drama this Saturday, June 2nd. Mere mention of said convention sets off bloggers on the left, the the other left, and even the SF Weekly takes a break fromnot covering city politics to post reliably cynical and inaccurate ramblings on said proceedings. If that’s not enough, do a Google search and you’ll have plenty to read.

So much, however, goes unsaid in all the chatter, not the least of which is that after years and years of gaming the system with electoral gimmicks, “progressives” spend more time running in circles like idiots than they do actually forming a viable alternative to Mayor Newsom. While I’m happy to see the progressives make swiss cheese out of their flawed “reforms,” I’d rather have a viable local political system that forces incumbents and challengers work hard to earn our votes, instead.
Even after the creation of the much ballyhooed “SF People’s Organization”, which was supposedly going to do something, the group has done nothing but talk, and talk and talk. That’s effective. Why not just make the biggest fingerpainting in the world to “blow people’s minds” if you’re going to go that route?
Then there’s the behavior of “progressive” elected officials themselves. I give credit to Supervisor Chris Daly (who knows a little about running in tough races) for at least trying to remove the progressives’ collective head out of the sand, but as usual when One Guy Tries To Do Something, The Other Guys Gotta Frak It Up.
Even after discounting the myriad of rumors, there’s no denying that faded progressive star Matt Gonzalez has not been happy with the idea that Someone Else might be the top dog this time around, and will do what it takes to throw a wrench in the works. That’s despite the fact he’s shown no interest in being the Mayor of San Francisco, and a total unwillingness to do any of the hard work to attain office. If anything, his childish antics have at least made it clear that there are worse alternatives to the incumbent in office.
Part of me wants to go and watch the junior high school shenanigans for pure entertainment value, but then I start to wonder if it’s really worth it. With so many egos, pointless conflicts and junior-high level antics, it might be best to ignore the whole thing and check out that Tezuka exhibit at the Asian Art Museum instead.
At least there, the drama and antics are confined to the printed page, and you don’t have to listen to some political blowhard bitch and moan in person.

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