Friday Fun: Won’t Someone Please Think About the Children and Make the Next Mayoral “Town Hall” Fun?

This is an open plea to both the Mayor of San Francisco, his army of staff and supporters and the people of San Francisco. Specifically I’m talking today about the “Mayoral Town Hall Meeting” scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm.
Every single one of these things has featured a) bad weather, usually rain or cold, b) an endless conga line of city-paid bureaucrats who stand around in the back, and c) a program so scripted and so boring it makes watching paint dry look like the playoffs.
I would think that with the combined brainpower of the good citizens working in City Hall, and the endless amount of excess creative energy that seems to spill out all over the place in this lovely burg, somehow, these things could be made a bit more entertaining. Helen Lovejoy put it best – won’t someone please think about the children??.
Seriously. My tax dollars are paying for this circus, so let’s have the Mayor fly in on a jetpack into the Excelsior, with Stan Lee, and perhaps have a tiger jump through fire, or a team of city department heads do acrobatics (or would that be bureau-acro-batics?).
Now that’s what I call a Town Hall Meeting! See you there!
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