Crime and Punishment (and Spin) by the Bay, Part II : Critical Masshole Edition!

People wondering if their concerns about public safety were just an eerie paranoid feeling had their worst fears confirmed with a string of revelations in the local press recently. First, we hear that auto break-ins are on the rise, while the D.A.’s office does nothing. So the next time your car is broken into, remember to the D.A. and the City, it’s the criminal who has the rights, not you!
Then we read about a particularly dangerous day in San Francisco where repeat offenders are allowed to go free, and the only response from City leaders are shrug, spin and talk – while all along the fact remains murders and crime are on the rise, unpunished.
If any of this sounds familiar, that’s because this has been par for the course for quite some time, and while San Franciscans are much less safe from violent crime, theft, and the like, the spin seems to work because neither the Mayor nor the District Attorney face serious threats to their re-election. The politickers engage in their chatter, the media refuses to take the long view, and all the while we’re subjected to more chatter.
Meanwhile, you, I, and your friends and neighbors are far less safe. It seems spin and disinfo aren’t a great foil for criminals with guns who shoot people, or thieves eyeing your hard-earned money as an entitlement they’re owed by you. (Don’t tell the spinners – it’ll make them feel bad!)

Then we had a little doozy last week with our old pals with Critical Mass. As usual, the level of disinformation in any incident involving Critical Mass reaches a crescendo – between the participants who engage in junkie logic with a fervor that would make a meth addict blush, and the Rashomon-like retelling of the incident from various channels, official, et al.
I have long since lost any respect for both Critical Mass and the City’s official endorsement, oops I mean response to Critical Mass, after witnessing a particularly egregious disparity in the way people are treated last summer.
I doubt most will remember that on the same day Critical Mass got their taxpayer/government sponsored fun day, the full force of John Law was being hammered onto a handful of hapless art students who were trying to promote mass transit with a fun Friday event.
And, by pointing this out, I had the pleasure of receiving foul-mouthed emails, death threats (!) and attempts to vandalize my property from the mob that is Critical Mass. All because I didn’t march in goose-step with Critical Mass and repeat their rosary ad infinitum, without question. Silly me, I thought free speech was celebrated in San Francisco – but when you’re dealing with Stalinists and the like, no dice.
This being San Francisco, we can’t finish the day’s absurdity without at least one elected official stepping in to “say something reassuring” and today it was Mayor Newsom who, after initially ho-humming the whole affair, vowed to take a serious look at the incident. Thank God. Because what we need is another “look” at something, right?
He also made a point of addressing the unnamed Bicylcle Coalition leadership, demanding that they “issue a statement” blah blah blah. Which is hilarious, considering he appointed said head of the Coalition to the powerful MTA, and tried to sound support for the “message” of the Massholes. Funny, I was told if we voted for that Greenie Gonzalez we’d have a mayor that was pro Critical Mass. Which way is it, moderate Mayor? I’m confused now!
Don’t worry. He’ll keep his job, and so will the D.A. Because no matter how often law abiding citizens get robbed, beaten, or killed, San Franciscans will continue to support the status quo. At least that’s what the polls keep saying. Maybe San Franciscans like more crime?
It makes you wonder – did the criminals of SF form a PAC or something to get things this good?
UPDATE: Within hours of publishing this mere blog entry, I’ve already had to block comments that were virulently racist, anti-Semitic, and more. How funny that the alleged guardians of truth and justice and freedom from Critical Mass have to resort to the tactics of the thug, the Stalinist, or worse. And they’re not even the focus of this article either!

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