Now Accepting Donations for the Fall 2006 Direct Mail Disinfo Rehab Archive!

By now, you’re probably beginning to get the first wave of what will be an avalanche of political junk mail between now and November 7th, as am I. But before you toss the latest missives from Gov. Doofinator, or any one of a myriad of well-heeled groups who are pushing some Big Initiative on the ballot, email me and we’ll arrange to have it posted at the Disinfo Rehab Archive later this month. And, if you’ve got really great junk mail, I’ll buy you the drink of your choice! Really!
Political consultants who have pieces they are proud of should also consider submitting a JPG or dropping us a copy in the mail as well. You’ll get free publicity, and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in “conference fees” like you do with the The AAPC. What a bargain!
With any luck, we’ll also be hosting these files at a new photo gallery here on our own domain, instead of at Flickr, which is great, but can’t handle the load, given how many people checked it out during the primary.
Thanks in advance for your help – we look forward to your submissions. I will be posting mail as I get it as well!

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