Politicks Isn’t Pretty. And in SF It Can (Literally) Get Downright UGLY…

I will be posting an entry tomorrow morning about some ugly politcking at City Hall vis a vis the Taxi Commission. But right now I’m too irritated to write something I’d want to see in print, and I have a rule about never writing when I’m this pissed off.
Suffice it to say, if you ever want to see nasty, lying, scumbag politics, go local. And the smaller the issue, the nastier and uglier it gets. And when you are dealing with a couple of rogue taxicab companies and their minions, politics literally can get ugly. (Hint to rogue taxi-crabbies – try buying pants that hide your crack when you’re in public. You’ll seem that much more credible.)
Ok, enough for now. You can see me on SF Government TV when they replay tonight’s taxicab commission meeting on cable TV. I had to rush my comments but I made a mark as Ambassador from my other blog, The N-Judah Chronicles.
Time for some meditation, some pushing out of negative energy, and a cracker-jack post tomorrow. Taxi-crabbies, you have been warned.
UPDATE: You can read a very thorough accounting of the corruption in City Hall here, which has some history of the issue as well. It makes an interesting point though – that Mayor Newsom, who has prided himself on wanting a City Hall that is about accountability and results has the power to fix the problem – but has been strangely silent. Odd.

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