On Protests By People We Call Immigrants…

Interesting fact no one has mentioned in all the hysterics people are raising about the massive protests by people some call “immigrants” here in the US recently. (although it should be noted many people were legal residents and citizens of the US – for some reason when Californians talk about “immigration” they seem to think anyone with a Latin sounding name or who has a certain skin color is ALWAYS an alien, meant to be feared, and never ever to be regarded as a possible fellow citizen…but I digress).
Anyway, back to the point: When France’s loudmouthed and bigoted Muslim population, mostly French but culturally hating France, had their protests it was weeks and weeks of violence, destruction and the exposure of the French as totally incapable of dealing with conflict.
However, when people in this country had objections to a bill that would have made instant felons out of a significant part of the population without any plans for how to deal with that, much less the inevitable arrests of people simply because they “looked” like a felon, held huge protests here. All were peaceful, there were no violent clashes, no one looted or burned, and in the end, folks were talking and yelling and whatever – but no violence, no burning of LA, no riots.
No matter what you may think of the immigration situation, you have to admit that it’s a credit to this nation that we can still have large protests like this and not have them become violent like the French Muslims. Part of it is due to our culture, and part of it I think also has to do with the fact that unlike Muslims, Latino newcomers and Latino Americans do not have churches who advocate for the likes of bin Laden.
Anyway, I thought that was interesting to note.

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